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Just the Right Lessons for You

Group Lessons

These are more economical and are best for students who want interaction with other students or who enjoy group participation or do not have a dance partner.

Group lessons are usually given on a set day at a set time and a set dance will be taught. A syllabus will be given to each student at the start of class. Students will be expected to practice in between classes to make the most of what is taught.

Private lessons

These are best for students who want to take lessons in private with one or 2 teachers at a time that is best suited and most convenient to the student. Private lessons are more concentrated, more style and technique are taught. In private lessons the student can learn at their own pace and can choose any dance they wish.

Wedding Dance choreography

The bride and groom select a piece of music and a dance will be choreographed and taught to that music. Five, one hour dance lessons in which the teachers may use video cameras to assist the students in observing themselves dancing this is a wonderful learning tool. For more information about wedding dance lessons click here.




Also included: up to 2 hours for the parents or friends of the bride and groom. For the bride to dance with her father and the groom to dance with his mother.

Gentlemen Host for Cruise ship assignments.

First we evaluate the man as to how many hours will be needed to train for the position. What will be learned are only the basic steps in Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Rumba, Ch-cha, Merengue` plus several others which are optional. We will train the student how to lead the lady on the dance floor and other general rules of ship board behavior.

After completion and an easy test, the students name will be sent to several agents who will then find a ship (or ships) on which the student can sail as a dance host. The agent has a small fee which is only fraction of the cost of a regular cruise and the only things to be paid for on board ship are drinks and tips.

Yes, I’m ready to dance like the stars!

The Golden Isles Dancers are Wendy Carrell-Melancon and John Melancon | 912-223-9879 | ssidancer@gmail.com